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If you want to ask for a loan with minimum wage , it means that you are having a frequent income, at least. This is a very good thing, in the face of financial services that are in charge of looking for the best profiles. In digital finance , having a minimum wage means being a very good customer.

How much money can I ask for with a minimum salary?

The type of salary is very important. Since depending on the type of payroll or salary, you can access certain amounts of money. Below are some of the most frequent salary types and amounts to access.

  • With a temporary payroll : if you have a work contract that is temporary , the amounts that the user usually accesses digitally, are not as quantitative, as they could be, having an indefinite salary. There would be no problem, to get a credit of € 1,000 in most cases, but there would be problems for example, in a € 10,000.
  • With an indefinite salary : this profile is the favorite of all digital financial and also the preferred by all traditional financial. Being an employee with a fixed employment contract , even if it is a minimum wage, you can opt for very large amounts. Without problems, access amounts of € 30,000, even with a mortgage loan, get a mortgage on a home .

What is the best financial online to apply for a loan?

We have created a special category, to compare the most important financials of today, in terms of financial services in digital form. If you want to access the comparator, you can do so with the following link:

What type of financial or bank interests me more?

When a financial company is chosen, it is necessary to know that depending on the type of client, that you are, it is better to use one type of service or another.

  • If you are an official of the state : in this case it is advisable to go to the financial services offered in the bank. Since in the case of officials, there are special conditions, in certain banks.
  • If you are a hard worker : if you are not in a hurry, a bank loan from a very solvent bank can be a good decision. If you need the money as soon as possible and almost immediately, it is better to resort to online financing or the most popular financing.
  • If you have a temporary payroll : quick loans or mini loans, they are offered to all kinds of people who receive an income, whether with a temporary job, a public aid, self-employed etc
  • If you are self-employed : in this case it is advisable to apply for a loan in a financial institution and also to research financial risk capital companies. In Spain, there are not many, so a digital financial is a good option.
  • If you want to start : a financial venture capital.

Having a minimum wage is good to avoid an embargo.

Do not ask for a loan with the idea of ​​not paying, however, it is good to know that in the case of suffering an attachment, there is a minimum amount, necessary to live, currently of 707.60 euros. That they can not remove in a payroll embargo . That means, if you have a very low salary, you may not be able to garnish the payroll or you can only garnish a small percentage of the payroll. Having family members, is also a point in favor to avoid an embargo.

What is the minimum wage in Spain?

The minimum wage in Spain, in the year 2018, is: € 735.90 . It is necessary, you know, that in some types of jobs, there is a minimum wage higher than that indicated above and that some employers take advantage of putting another job in the payroll, with the aim of giving a smaller salary.

How to know the salary that belongs to me?

You must enter into the labor agreement of your professional branch and your autonomous community . You can find it by doing a simple search on Google or by requesting the services of a professional, be it a human resources worker or someone specialized in the labor issue. Once you have access to the pdf, the collective agreement, look for the salary table and your professional category.

  • Consult my agreement : Find my work agreement . It is a link to an external website, dedicated to compiling the labor agreements of various autonomous communities and professions.
  • What to do in the case of demanding the salary that belongs to you? In this case, it is already recommended and necessary, to request the services of a lawyer specialized in labor issues. That may seem like something “expensive” but the compensation can be thousands of euros . If they are paying you irregularly and you have enough evidence to prove it.
  • How to denounce my boss? There are several ways to do it, one of the most used and legally valid, is denouncing in the Labor Inspection and Social Security , where it is necessary to identify yourself. If you want to request an anonymous inspection, you can do it in the mailbox to fight against labor fraud. Something that has less validity and that does not ensure anything.

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