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The novelty Imprint: Cassiopée Spacer

Image result for Spacer Footprint BraThis Spacer Footprint Bra has 5 amazing effects:

  1. Second skin comfort
  2. A lifted silhouette
  3. A protective invisibility guaranteeing a 3D cocoon effect
  4. Breathability giving it the lightness of a feather
  5. An original design

An innovation and know-how signed Imprint :

36 months of development were needed to make this piece.

This is a bra:
Basic, but who knows how to be seductive. Possessing a jacquard relief, while being invisible. And finally, light, but while ensuring a perfect fit.

Focus on Cassiopée Spacer 3D materials:

  • The materials made of microfilaments are taken between 2 layers of mesh, here is an illustrative diagram.
  • The material is made at one time ensuring that there is no lamination.
  • Longevity is guaranteed.
  • European know-how to offer women exceptional lingerie.

Available sizes:

This bra is available in many sizes to meet the needs of all women. You will find it from the C cup to the G cup, always with a guarantee of comfort and support.

This Cassiopée Spacer bra from the brand Empreinte is available on in two colors: black and wild rose.

These two colors are perfect for a special occasion or simply for a pleasant everyday wear.

Did you like the presentation of this novelty? You were seduced? So do not hesitate a minute! Go to to take advantage exclusively of this Cassiopée Spacer bra but also many other collections of the brand that are currently available.

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