Two new tests are looking for the best term life insurance for 2017

In order to find the best term life insurance for 2017, tests help to find out which offers are recommended for hedging. Currently, two new studies on best survivor protection have been published. However, a close look at the test results reveals that they can not provide a general judgment.

Focus-Money and the analysis house Morgen & Morgen have recently published two studies on the best term life insurance policies, which offer optimal survivor protection in 2017 as well. The Focus-Money test selects top rates based on different occupational groups. But in the magazine, there was a very similar comparison recently, which sees other tariffs at the top. How are the differences explained?

Focus-Money irritates with two term life insurance tests

For the second time, the German Financial Services Institute (DFSI) has been looking for the best term life insurance for Focus-Money within just eight weeks (issues 35/2016 and 43/2016). In both cases, direct and branch insurers were taken into account and test winners were chosen for the professions of employees, the self-employed, civil servants, health professionals and job starters. However, there are different test winners. Both risk life insurance tests are based on the same data.

For the current study, three instead of two example occupations were used , which changes the contribution grading. In addition, performance and price results were listed separately in the new test, while the August survey rated the best term life insurance based on the relationship between contract terms and contribution levels.

For this reason, not only two providers (Allianz with “Lifetime Insurance Plus (LCO)” and Europe with “E-T2 Premium”) are proving to be the best term life insurance for employees. On the contrary, there is an overall result for all occupational groups, with Europe, Hannoversche and Dialog offering the best price level , and the insurers rating six insurers “outstanding”.

Best term life insurance for 2017 with top benefits

  • Hannoversche – T1 Plus
  • Allianz – Risk Life Insurance Plus (LCO)
  • Continentale – T2 Premium
  • Dialog – RISK-vario premium
  • InterRisk – SR1XXL / SR1NXXL
  • Württembergische – Risk Premium, Tariff SP

Best term life insurance for 2017: 36 out of 117 highest-rated rates

The example of Focus-Money shows that in the search for the best term life insurance for 2017 tests have only conditional validity . After all, it is not just about what data is collected, but how it is interpreted. Nevertheless, it may be helpful for a first orientation to consult various investigations.

Currently, with a rating of morning & morning, there is another market overview for those interested. 117 fares from 69 providers were examined with regard to their services. 36 offers reach five possible stars, including all test winners from Focus-Money to InterRisk. 46 other insurance companies receive four stars. For four rates, it has unfortunately only served two stars, the VLV is the only provider in the test with only one star.

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